USI Tech Review | A Real Look At A Single 140 Day Contract

USI Tech Review | A Real Look At A Single 140 Day Contract

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UPDATE: November 9th, 2017 | I’ve now earned 17.6919 BTC Worth $156,730!!!

I promise to shoot another video soon, but I just wanted to make a quick update to show for real that I have now earned 17.69 BTC with USI TECH!  Unreal.  At the time of writing this particular update, 1 Bictoin is now worth just over $9,000 Canadian Dollars and because the price of bitcoin has gone up SO MUCH in the last few weeks, it’s really added a lot of value to my portfolio!

Since I’ve been involved with USI for approximately 8 months, and my total value is $156,730 Canadian, that equates to over $19,000 PER MONTH that I’ve earned with these dudes!

Here’s an image from my personal USI TECH back office showing the Bitcoin I’ve earned.  Please make sure to read the original post, and why I got involved.  

I was BANG ON when I said “I believe the value of Bitcoin is going to skyrocket”.  So when you combine the power of USI ability to increase the amount of BTC you own, with the fact that the value of BTC keeps rising, you have a double threat which results in a massive payday.

UPDATE: September 18th, 2017 | Profits & Recommendation After 5.5 Months of Trading With USI Tech

Hi everyone, so after a crazy 5.5 months with USI Tech, I honestly couldn’t give it a higher recommendation!  I’m averaging close to $10,000 USD profit per month with this company and passively earning over 2 Bitcoin per month now with this company.  Simply outstanding results.  Here’s the FULL video review I shot to prove my statements.

Hi, I’m Herc Magnus, the owner of this blog.  I joined the USI-Tech investment opportunity on March 23, 2017 as a test to see if it was actually a profitable investment or not.  Now just 60 days later, I’d like to share my results with you.

Now before I get to far into the rest of this  post I want to state that any investment or ‘opportunity’ is always a risk.   You should NEVER invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Personally, I am a big believer in Blockchain Technology and Crypto-Currencies such as Bitcoin.  I’m heavily invested in more than one crypto currencies through multiple channels and I believe they are the future of our entire monetary world, so I am completely comfortable with investing my own personal money into them.  Ok…onto the post.

USI Tech | The Possible ROI on 176 Days (140 Working) When Factoring BTC Price Only.

So the idea with USI Tech is that you can purchase a BTC Package for as little as $60 and over the next 140 days working days (Mon – Fri only), the company will earn you on average a return of 140% or 1% daily.  It’s important to note however, that the capital investment is not returned at the end of 140 working days, only the profits of the additional 40% are realized.  It’s also equally important to note that since packages are purchased in BTC value, the actual USD value changes over time since the USD value of a bitcoin changes over time; mostly it’s gone up, a lot!  Finally, it’s also important to note that 1% daily or 140% over 140 days are not static numbers but instead targets.  The total contract length including weekends in which payouts do not happen is closer to 175-177 days.

In order to see how this investment really looks over that period, we do have to do a little bit of math and the easiest way to do that is with simple smaller numbers.  Instead of looking at what 1 single $60 package would return, we’re instead going to look at what an investment of 1 Bitcoin would return, while at first ignoring the USD Value of a Bitcoin.

The hope is that 1BTC invested would return approximately 1.4 BTC return after 140 working days since capital is not returned, and you earn approximately 1% daily for the 140 working day contract.   Returns are paid out at approximately 1% – 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, and weekends are closed so no returns are paid on weekends.

So it’s quite simple math with this approach.  Invest 1 BTC today, and receive approximately 0.01 BTC each day for 140 days.  After 140 days if you chose NOT to withdrawal any of the daily earnings, you’ll be able to withdraw 1.4 BTC at the end of the contract and you have realized a 40% return on your investment in approximately 4.5 months.  That’s actually an incredible investment and ROI!  Most banks would be out of business if they ever paid you that level of return on your money deposited with them.

However, please remember that we ignored the USD/BTC value exchange.  That 40% return is a return on your BTC portfolio ONLY.  The price of Bitcoin of course has not stayed very static since it’s inception; it’s gone up…

USI Tech | The Possible ROI On 176 Days (140 Working) When Factoring BTC Price & USD

So now let’s take a look at what a single BTC investment into USI Tech would have looked like if we invested exactly 176 days ago (140 working days) from todays date of May 19, 2017.   The price of 1 Bitcoin 176 days ago (140 working days) was $736.40.

The image below is a snap of the Bitcoin Price over the last 176 days (140 working days) taken from

If you would have had of invested 1 BTC or $736.40 USD with USI-Tech exactly 176 days ago (140 working days), at a price of $736.40 USD it would have matured into 1.4 BTC today worth $2689.69 USD for a net profit of $1953.29 and  an incredible 365.24% USD ROI!  This amazing return would have happened because the value of Bitcoin more than doubled in the last 176 days from $736.40 to $1921.21 and you started with only 1BTC, but ended with 1.4BTC.

So in this scenario, you actually earned 2 ROI’s, not 1.

Now of course the value of Bitcoin could have also gone down even though you increased your BTC portfolio to 1.4 and you could have lost USD value.

BTC vs USD: The Second ROI

As I stated very early in this article, I truly believe in crypto currencies future and I have for over 3 years.  The image below shows the global market cap (the amount of actual FIAT currencies invested across all crypto coins since 2013).  Notice that HUGE SPIKE?  

That’s because the world is finally adopting crypto currencies, thus part of the reason the price of Bitcoin has gone up so much.

(Image Source:

This is the 2nd ROI that can be achieved with an investment into a company that seeks to increase your BTC portolio.  The your BTC Portfolio increases, so to can the price of Bitcoin, earning you quite a substantially higher ROI when considering the USD/BTC price.

USI Tech Referral Program| Another Income Opportunity?

Ok, so we know that there’s a pretty incredible opportunity here with the investment and BTC valuation over time already (if you believe BTC will continue to rise in price).

However, there’s a second potential income stream with USI tech which is their referrals commissions program for bringing anyone into the USI system.

They pay out 10% of a referred users total package purchase in Bitcoin back to your account whenever they buy.  So if you refer a user that purchases 1 BTC worth of packages, you’ll receive an instant 0.1 BTC commission.  And since most people go on to re-purchase more packages you also received 10% commissions on those.

Additionally, they also pay out 3% on anyone who your referrals refer on those same package pricing.  So if you refer Bob and Bob refers Mary who also purchases 1 BTC worth of packages, you’ll receive an instant 0.03 BTC commission on Marys purchase.

I have done a light amount of referring to USI Tech up to this point and below is the amount of commissions I’ve received in the last 30 days from users purchasing and re-purchasing packages as well as their referrals.

(Image Source: My USI Tech Back Office)

On the left blue box you can see I have purchased 75 packages.

In the middle orange box you can see that I have an available balance of 0.4764 BTC ($923.65 USD at the time of posting) that I can withdrawl immediately to any of my own Bitcoin Wallets.

On the right light blue box you can see that in 60 days since joining, I have received back 0.3458 BTC in package returns, and an additional 4.7249 BTC ($9164.89 USD at the time of posting) in referral commissions.

Should You Join USI Tech?

Really that’s only a question you should answer.  I simply wanted to provide my last 60 days experience with the company to give you some information.  Yes it obviously looks profitable from my post, but that’s because it has been for me.  Your results may differ with the program and the referrals.


CLICK HERE To Register Free For USI Tech Back Office Access


*I am an independant promoter of USI Tech.  I do make a commission
should you chose to join and purchase any BTC Package from them.

I wish you the best with your endeavors whatever they may be!

Herc Magnus

*USI-TECH Limited, is a registered company head quartered in Dubai.  Registration number ICC20160282

4.9/5 Rating From 10 Reviews.
on 04, Nov 2017
It sounds great but what is the longevity of the company, the CEO.. could they just fold it up and it disappears at any moment, that is my concern...
from USA
on 07, Nov 2017
Great info on USI! I will be joining after reading this.
from Calgary, AB
on 11, Sep 2017
Thanks for all you do!!
on 28, May 2017
Well explained. . ., Would you prefer me to buy a mining equipment or to invest with you. Which is better
on 13, Oct 2017
Get Started with USI Tech free sign up account ...
from india
on 09, Oct 2017
Good article! H0w can I join your team in Usi Tech?
from Manila
on 02, Oct 2017
Hi Herc; This was a great way to show USITech. I am also in this company since March of this year. Love it.. Could you please send me you spreadsheet? I would like to run my own numbers.. Thanks so much. Look forward to meeting you one day.
from Belize
on 25, Aug 2017
which one is more profitable? USI-Tech or BitCub based on your experience?
Transaction delay
on 09, Nov 2017
the usi tech window gives you 10 mnt time to complete the payment. Blockchain takes way more then that. I have sent them payment for 3 BTC packages . but the 10 minute time ran out. Now I don't see my balance anywhere . not in wallet , not on backoffice ..nowhere. Written them 10 times answer..Loos like a scam..
from India
World Changing Opportunity
on 16, Nov 2017
In Nov, 2016, I bought USI-Tech's Forex software and uploaded to my own VPS (Virtual Private Server). It worked exactly as they stated it would so when they brought out their 2nd product (the BTC Packages) in March, 2017, I sent them 1 BTC in return for 24 packages. Since then I've been compounding my earnings back into more and more packages. Once some is happy with their number of packages after compounding at 100% they can scale back to compounding at 75% and keep replacing the expiring packages forever so can withdraw 25% forever. USI-Tech is one of the only companies I've ever found where we can do a one-time out of pocket expense in return for recurring earnings forever (all without having to recruit anyone because their products are "money making more money"). I've met the owners on a couple of occasions now and these guys are legit. So charitable, wise, and benevolent. We are definitely in great hands with their leadership. 10 out of 10 for USI-Tech!
Paul Inglis
from New Zealand

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