Could Bitcoin Hit $10,000 By 2018?

Bitcoin Hit $10,000I hear a bunch of people say that “I’m too late” when it comes to the idea of investing in Bitcoin, and that’s typically related to the current value of a single coin.

Here’s a few unknown things that may change your mind and help you get involved in the currency.

  1. You can buy a fraction of a bitcoin instead of a single bitcoin. The minimum purchase of a Bitcoin doesn’t have to be 1 BTC ($1025 USD at time of posting). You can buy $50, $100, $1000 or $10,000 if you wish! Just enter the market 🙂
  2. The amount of people signing up for a “Bitcoin Wallet” (where you store your bitcoins, much like a bank account, except free) is not slowing down or plateauing at all. There are now around 12,000,000 bitcoin wallets on Blockchain where last year there were less than 5,000,000. That’s incredible growth. How many people in the world are there?  7 billion.This means less than 1/100th of a percent of the worlds population owns a wallet on the most popular service that offers them.
  3. The amount of Bitcoin transactions globally has doubled in the last year while the amount of wallets has more than doubled. This means transactions should likely have a lag … the amount of transactions is still going to accelerate.
  4. The price volatility of Bitcoin is actually going DOWN! This means the wild price spikes and falls are reducing, meaning the value of bitcoin is becoming more STABLE.
  5. Ask the next 10-100 people you know if they know what bitcoin is, or if they own any bitcoin. Post that question on your wall and take a survey of the info you get and here’s what you’ll likely find:Out of 100 people.
    • 70 have heard of it, but don’t know what it is really
    • 10 have never heard of it
    • 10 have heard of it, and know all about it.
    • 5 actually own some.
    • 5 are mining it.Now that’s an approximation…but I guarantee it’s not far off. One more point to make…
  6. Bitcoin price has moved from $15 in Jan 2013 to $1015 in Jan 2017, and most people (like the first 80/100 in the group above) think they are too late get involved.

But after reading everything…doesn’t the video below make a lot more sense?

A $10,000 bitcoin by next year?