How do I get bitcoins?

If you’re a newcomer to the market of Bitcoins, then no doubt that you have heard about the ever growing market of E-commerce and their use of Bitcoins. If you’re unfamiliar with what they are, Bitcoins are basically an electronic currency used mainly online by businesses from big businessmen to individual buyers. And like any other first-timers in the world of e-commerce and online businesses will ask themselves, “How do I get bitcoins?”

how do i get bitcoinsWhile the idea to get bitcoins is a relatively simple matter, many experienced buyers even have difficulty buying them at times. While there are many different methods of getting them, how to get bitcoins can be time-consuming and requires a significant amount of work. But with enough time and understanding, you’ll be earning them in no time!

Bitcoin Wallet

First of all, like all other currencies, you’ll be needing something to store those bitcoins, like how you would put physical cash into a wallet. This wallet for bitcoins is definitely kept safe as long as they’re stored in the virtual wallet.

Get Bitcoin Through Exchange Services

The next thing to note is about how to get the bitcoins, which is done via purchasing from online services that sell them. They are mainly obtained as payment when you sell goods and/or services online. You can even get them from friends and/or family if they have bitcoins to spare. But the most popular method of getting bitcoins is through exchange via markets using your own bank account to pay for it.

When buying bitcoins this way, there’s a lot to choose from, starting with the use of credit cards to even using actual physical cash in exchange for bitcoins. Fortunately, there are services that enable users from all over the world to purchase bitcoins. Below are some of the most popular choices to buy bitcoins.


The most popular of this is CoinBase, a website that enables users to purchase bitcoins using credit cards or through a PayPal account.

In order to use this site, the first and more important step is to have a bank account. For starters, you should already have registered for an account at the site of your choosing, in this case, it’s CoinBase. And once you’re ready to transact, simply send the money to the site, after which they will send the bitcoins over to your bitcoin wallet. How long until the bitcoins arrive depends on the website, as well as the country you’re living in. The standard wait time is at least two to three hours.

Mine for Bitcoins

Once you have the bitcoins, that’s the end of it, right? There are still a lot more to do with bitcoins, but if you really want to play it smart, the best method is to mine them. How mining works is that you basically have to focus on one pool of buyers and initiate buying and selling. Buying bitcoins when they’re cheap and selling them when the price has raised to a higher level.  Doing this requires a number of things, which mainly involves getting hardware and a good internet connection.