Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card

Bitcoins are a growing trend in today’s online market. As a form of cryptocurrency, bitcoins are encrypted for better privacy and to provide better creation and control. Ever since its creation in the early 2010s, especially buying bitcoins with debit card, it has steadily grown into one of the most popular forms of currency in the digital age.

buy bitcoins with PayPal from CoinMamaBut if you’re someone who is new to the whole process of buying bitcoins with debit card for the very first time, it will be a very overwhelming experience for you. It becomes practically inconvenient when you wish to purchase bitcoins in a hurry, which are specially purchased by businessmen.

Fortunately for you, you won’t have much difficulty with these simple steps, especially if you’re purchasing bitcoins from CoinMama.

The reason for this is that even if you have experience using debit card to purchase bitcoins especially those who are long time users, you still understand how to truly purchase bitcoins with as little risk as possible. Many find it difficult to purchase bitcoins using the standard payment methods, and it’s because of this that digital methods were utilized.

And with the evolution of technology and the rise of newer companies that take advantage of the potential of Bitcoin, the methods of buying them have become simpler.

First things first, you will need to have a checking account in order to obtain a debit card to purchase Bitcoins from  CoinMama. It is just a matter of requesting one from your bank and then activate it. Debit card works like a prepaid card.

And now, before you begin using debit card, you will first need a wallet for bitcoins. Bitcoin wallets will serve as a digital storage for your bitcoins where they will be stored securely and safely, as well as enabling you to send and receive bitcoins. While getting one is relatively simple, finding the right type of bitcoin wallet is another story altogether.

And while there are numerous bitcoin wallet services throughout the internet, there is one service that stands out the most, called Blockchain. Blockchain is the popular service in the market for bitcoins due to the quality of their service as well as their reliability.

Another advantage block chain has over other services that you can install the software onto your computer for better accessibility. No, it is best to make sure that you back up the wallet on a regular basis for better security. This way, you will still have the bitcoins in your wallet in case your hard drive needs replacing in case you’re having computer problems.

Blockchain utilizes a high degree of security protocols against hackers and other malicious users. This is to make sure that in the event any of your bitcoins end up missing or stolen, then you’ll have no way to earn them back.

But where can you get them? From bitcoin exchanges such as Coinmama. Before you do, do note that these online exchanges are not regulated the same way banks are. Because this means that there is no insurance for your account in the event that your account gets hacked into.

So once you have your bitcoin wallet ready and set up, you can now purchase bitcoins from Coinmama. But how can you buy bitcoins with debit card from CoinMama? And why Coinmama specifically?

The reason why CoinMama is one of the most popular choices as a source of bitcoins is, first of all, its availability in all countries. This means that if you live in any other country aside from the US, then you’ll still be able to purchase bitcoins.  The second one is that CoinMama enables users to purchase using a debit card or a credit card such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard. And lastly, if you are an android phone user, then CoinMama has an app for android that enables you to purchase bitcoins while you’re on mobile.   Unfortunately, no such service is available for iPhone users, for now.

The process is simple, simply click on “buy bitcoin” which is located on the top middle corner of their website. The link will take you to either a registration page (if you have not registered yet) or to a page where you are shown two boxes, one is a number of bitcoins and the other is cash amount itself.

For example, if you wish to purchase five bitcoins then simply input the number 5 in the box. Afterward, the box on the right will automatically calculate the price that you will have to pay for her to purchase the bitcoins.

Once the amount is set, simply click on the “buy bitcoins” button below and the coins will be automatically sent to your bitcoin wallet.