2 Best Marketplaces to Buy Bitcoins with PayPal

Paypal is one of the most popular services when it comes to online digital transactions which allows users from all over the world to send and receive money from anywhere, anytime. Paypal also enables users to purchase goods online, whether they be physical or digital. Bitcoin, meanwhile, is a digital currency whose tough encryptions make it one of the most secure forms of currency in today’s digital society. Bitcoins are mainly purchased by businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Buy Bitcoins with PayPal

And while anyone can purchase Bitcoins with either a credit card or a debit card, is it possible for you to buy Bitcoins with Paypal? The answer is, YES! With such a fast and easy service like PayPal, some users would prefer to use this method. However, one of the biggest issue here is that Paypal payments are reversible while Bitcoins are not.  Although there is no direct way to buy bitcoins with Paypal, there are certainly other indirect ways users around the world can purchase bitcoins using Paypal money.

Among the most reliable marketplaces that offer this kind of method are Paxful and LocalBitcoin. Since there is high-risk of fraud for this type of online transaction, we will provide you with the best and safest ways to buy bitcoins with Paypal.

Buy bitcoins with Paypal through Paxful

Paxful is a peer to peer digital currency exchange marketplace that allows users to buy and sell bitcoins using Paypal fast, easy and smart. Here, you can instantly set up a wallet, transfer or trade digital money to customers with online wallets and establish your presence in the Bitcoin world. They can also help you keep your bitcoins or sell them as a vendor to earn big money. But before anything else, you need to open an account to buy and sell bitcoins.

In buying bitcoins with Paypal, make sure that your Paypal account is verified so traders can easily sell bitcoins to you. Provide sellers with your ID, bank or utility statement to verify your name and billing address. Also, provide a link to your social media profile and write a paper with some text and have a selfie with it so that seller can show this to Paypal in case there will be problems later on. By following this simple procedure, sellers can protect themselves from possible fraud as well as protect buyer’s Paypal accounts from an unauthorized use.

All your transactions are 100% protected because your verified account can assure that your escrow is fully secured with the highest level encryption and professionally audited security. Paxful will also check and verify all sellers for your safety. Payment will be made directly from your personal accounts. There are no limit when it comes to a number of bitcoins you want to purchase.

If you want to make more money, it is best to become an affiliate since you will be earning more through affiliate links.

Buy bitcoins with Paypal through LocalBitcoin

LocalBitcoin is another [keyword id=110 keyword=”invest bitcoin” url=”https://howtomakemoneywithbitcoin.net/investing-in-bitcoin/” capitalize=undefined] marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoin using Paypal. It is one of the fastest and personal way to buy bitcoin. This will require a face-to-face transaction with a local seller where trading is arranged and prices are negotiated. When meeting with your seller, you will need to have internet connection to have access to your bitcoin wallet. And since you are dealing with an actual person, credibility will not be an issue. The site has a built-in reputation system that would ensure you will be dealing with persons of high reputation. In addition to the escrow service, you can also click on the trader name to check his feedback and the number of transactions he made.

In buying bitcoins usinig Paypal, you will need to find a seller who is also willing to trade bitcoin using this method. And since the seller is also taking a big risk for this type of transaction, they will normally charge a premium fee and you can get your Bitcoins instantly. For some sellers, they will require their buyer to have an initial reputation to avoid scams. Hence, you will need to make several small transactions to acquire a reputation. For first time users, they will require your ID and other personal information to verify your identity.

Here are 3 easy steps to buy bitcoin with Paypal:

1.      Visit LocalBitcoin website and input your search parameters such as the amount of bitcoin you want to buy.

2. Find a seller from the list and check them one by one. Always check on the following:

  • Feedback score – located below the seller’s name, choose the one with high feedback sellers.
  • Trade limits – you will see the amount of Bitcoin a seller is willing to trade.
  • Payment window – this shows how much time you have to make the payment. Always read the terms and condition of the offer.

3. Complete the transaction by entering the amount you want to buy then click on “Send trade request”.


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