Buy Bitcoin with Cash from BitQuick Instantly

Purchasing bitcoins online has become a more popular trend in recent years thanks to advances in information technology streamlining the process making it much easier to buy bitcoin from online services. Bitcoins allow you to purchase goods from e-commerce sites, or to even purchase gift cards and discounts. And if you wish, you can even purchase physical items using bitcoins. This digital currency can be purchased in several ways. To buy bitcoin with cash is the most preferred method nowadays.

With so many marketplaces available to buy bitcoin with cash, one company has emerged to be the most trusted and reliable platform most people consider. Many would choose BitQuick over other services because it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways that allows buyers to buy bitcoins using cash. While other services accept credit cards, debit cards or even through Paypal, BitQuick allows buyers to use cash to buy bitcoins without the hassle of getting a PayPal account or a bank account just to use a credit card.

As for BitQuick, the process will only take a few hours rather than take up to less than a day! There is no need for you to scramble for that credit card or Paypal account. This method is especially useful if you want Bitcoins ASAP. Cash-based purchases have been around for a few years. And many have used this type of purchase as it proves to be more convenient than purchases made via Paypal and credit cards.

Now the question is, how to buy bitcoins with cash? Fortunately for buyers, you only need physical currency to buy bitcoins with cash. Like with similar other services that utilize and support exchanges with cards, QuickBit uses a different method. And while the steps are simple, some steps can take a bit longer depending on the bank you’re using, as well as the location of the bank.

For starters, you should login to the QuickBit website and click on “Buy Bitcoin Now” to begin the process.

First is to view the order book and select an order, after which you will enter your information such as email address, then click “submit”.

Second is to specify how much cash you will be paying to the account. You can view this by filling out a deposit slip at any local bank branch of the seller.

The third is to find the email provided and upload the receipt there.

Once the whole process is done, QuickBit will send the coins usually within three hours after the seller confirms the purchase.

Please take note that the following is not accepted/supported by QuickBit:

-Wire transfers

-Account transfers made in-person

-ACH transfers

-Deposits made via checks

-Sure Pay from Wells Fargo

-Chase QuickPay

For huge transactions, BitQuick may require a valid ID for verification purposes especially on suspicious holds. This is to avoid any fraud or scam from happening, otherwise, funds will not be released.

Besides buying, QuickBit also allows users to sell their bitcoins for cash. This makes it very useful for cases where you have some excess Bitcoins and want to sell them ASAP.

Once the purchase has been made, you’ll be free to spend those newly-bought Bitcoins at your leisure! Now that you have understood the steps taken to purchase Bitcoins using cash, you’ll be able to repeat this procedure a lot easier!