Bitcoin Trading Bot Review

Bitcoin is one of the currencies which took the world by surprise: no one has expected it to get from only couple of cents to over $1200 worth and then back to $600 in only 5 years! But what if you could have a program trade this currency automatically for you and you gain profit from it? You can, and we believe we have found the absolute PERFECT one!

btc robot

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What is BtcRobot?

BTCRobot claims on their site to be the “World`s first Electronic Crypto-Currency Robot!”

Many people take advantage of automated trading bots in order to monitor the rise and fall in value of various online currencies and trade them accordingly in order to earn profits.  Buy low, sell high.  Many are full of options, with algorithms built or programmed to buy/sell at the perfect times.   But many of those systems are too complex for the Average Joe.   There’s too much manual work which needs to be put into them by those who wish to obtain results.  I personally don’t have time to learn how to set up a bot.  I want to turn it on and go.

That’s why when I found BTCRobot, I fell in love with it.

This amazing software basically dumbs down everything to the point where the only real action you need to take is to grab it and turn it on!   The system simply calculates which the best trading results are going to be and places your bid accordingly.

How does BTCRobot work?

BTCRobot was built in collaboration with Forex traders (Foreign Exchange) and apparently Russian programming experts, so the code that handles your money is highly capable of making reputable decisions on your behalf.  BTCRobot has already shown to it’s earliest adopters that it’s successful trade actions are unrivaled in its market niche:

Here’s a few of the things it does automatically:

  • Charts market patterns from the Bitcoin trading plaza
  • Calculates market indicators and estimate breakouts
  • Calculates market depth
  • Determines the right time to buy or sell based on market trends. The software is programmed in such manner as to take highest profit and cut down losses as much as possible
  • Even if a mistake has been made, the robot will work in such manner as to correct it in the shortest possible time
  • You can let it run 24/7 if you wish so. In this manner it can generate more money for you through trading.

But forget all the mumbo jumbo, here’s how you use it.


And Here are some real profit examples as stated on the site of


What do users have to say about this Bitcoin trading robot?

Although BTCRobot is relatively new to the market (but so is Bitcoin) many users already purchased a subscription plan in order to see if it works for them or not. Many of them reported positive results, with gains averaging $2 – $3 per hour ($200 – $300 per week). However, there were also cases when users earned $4,000 – $5,000, especially when the initial investment was bigger and they purchased one of the top plans (Gold or Platinum).

Bob M. from UK says he earned $573 on the first day he installed BtcRobot. The progress made on subsequent days was up and down, but he claims he is very satisfied with the product.

Mark K. from Arizona, US says he earned $300+ in the first week of using the product, and by only funding it with $70.

June J. from US says she just earned $33 in the first day she installed the product and can’t wait to see what further benefits the trader will bring her.

Ok Great!
I Wannt Get In On The Bitcoin Trading Action. So How Much Is BTCRobot?

Those interested in subscribing to this product should know that there are 3 payment plans, each of them coming with its own set of benefits. These plans are:


Silver Plan

($149 per year)

Those who choose this plan will be required to install the robot on their own computers and trade via browser. The robot will not function unless your PC is turned on.

Gold Plan

($248 per year)

This plan comes with dedicated VPS cloud hosting for 1 year. As long as the robot is properly set up and your account is funded, you will no longer have to use the computer for 1 year to do trades since the robot will do them automatically from your Cloud.

Platinum Plan


This is the upper range plan and comes with dedicated VPS cloud hosting for 3 years, priority support plus a free Bitcoin trading secrets e-book. If you cannot afford to pay for this plan at first, then you can upgrade later from one of the plans below.

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These are the subscription plans offered by BTCRobot. Each of them will help you gain profits on both short and long terms, however those who can afford it are recommended to opt for Gold or Platinum plans since customers mention these work best and show the highest profits.

In Conclusion

BTCRobot is a very interesting trader which takes advantage of the ever-growing Bitcoin currency. Unlike other traders, this one is completely automated and can take good decisions on your behalf, instead of just showing market graphs and evolution. Since Bitcoin is a market with great capital, traders who take advantage of this software will certainly have a lot to win on the long term.