Important Update On CYBSec (XCS) Coin. A Major Opportunity For XCS Holders

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Before Jan 9th, 2018 At 1:00 PM GMT+1.

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 This is an amazing opportunity for all CybCSec (XCS) coin holders.

It has come to my attention (thanks to Evgeny Kasperovich) that the CybCSec (XCS) coin will be forking into a new coin called ARMR due to a lack of a working CybCSec blockchain and functioning development team. 

The details of this fork can be found on a pinned post their official Telegram Channel (you’ll have to be signed up to Telegram to read it).  However, I’ll list the most important details and steps you should be taking before Jan 9th for all coin holders in the remainder of this post.

Now after reading some of that it will seem like the XCS coin is literally going to evaporate into thin air, and the team will abandon it.  So why would I still invest?  Simple.  Because the “good guys” on the team are forking to the new coin.

What Is A Fork? 
A fork is what happens when a crypto currency splits off to form a new coin.  This has already happened multiple times with the two most popular examples being Ethereum forking into Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin forking into Bitcoin Cash.  The physical development team (real people) actually leave the original team and start a new coin with a copy of the original source code of the software, and modify if to make the new coin.  There is a split of both software and development team.

Why Is It An Opportunity?
When a fork happens, you can typically keep your original coins (in this case XCS), and if you have them stored properly in your XCS wallet, you’ll receive an equal amount of the new coin (in this case ARMR). 

This becomes an opportunity because you will retain your original coins PLUS receive the new coins in an equal amount.  If you have 10,000 XCS in your wallet at the time of the fork, you’ll receive 10,000 ARMR for free. 

For example: 
When Bitcoin forked into Bitcoin Cash, if you held 1 BTC (worth around $20,000), you also received 1 BCH (now worth around $2800).  It’s basically free profit (or value) if both coins succeed.

The worst case scenario after the fork, is both coins fail and you lose everything.
The best case scenario
after the fork, is both coins succeed and your investment balloons.

But I’d rather have two shots at success for the cost of 1.  Meaning you only have to invest 1 time, to hold both coins.  If either or both teams succeed, you win.

Here are the important details from the pinned telegram post that you need to pay attention to.

FROM The Telegram Update:
If you have your coins (XCS) in your wallet before 9th January at 1:00 PM GMT+1 you will be eligible to claim your ARMR in the snapshot. There will be no second time, no other ways to get in. So, get your coins to a desktop wallet (downloadable from

After your coins are in your wallet it is almost time to relax. You need to ensure you have a backup (we recommend having more than one in more than one location) of your wallet.dat file (from your XCS wallet). as you will need it to claim your ARMR coins.

What Do I Need To Do To Take Advantage Of This Upcoming Fork?

  1. If you don’t hold any XCS coin, but you’d like to take advantage of this for, go to  CoinExchange and buy some XCS now!  If you already hold XCS, than goto the next step.
  2. Download the XCS Wallet from their website.   Make sure you grab the right wallet type for your operating system.
  3. Open your wallet and let it FULLY sync.  It should happen automatically once you open the wallet.  Your wallet will have to download the entire blockchain (239,539 blocks), so this could take a while (it took mine approx 30 mins).  Leave your computer ON while it syncs.
  4. Once the wallet has fully synced, do a VERY SMALL transfer for your XCS coins from  CoinExchange to your wallet to test that you receive the coins.
  5. If Step 4 was successful, move the remainder of your coins to your wallet.
  6. Most important:  Make sure once all the steps above are completed, to leave your wallet OPEN and ONLINE on your computer for 9th January at 1:00 PM GMT+1This will allow the snapshot to take place and ensure you’ll receive your ARMR coins when they release in March.

Once all your coins are safely stored on your wallet, you’ll receive instructions on how to receive the new ARMR coins.

FROM The Telegram Update:
When we release the new ARMR wallet, you will be able to use your XCS wallet.dat file to claim your ARMR coins (we will give instructions how to do this), and you will get to keep your XCS coins to do whatever you want with them.

Ok that’s it.  Hopefully you take advantage of this huge opportunity, and we all make some nice profits!  If you have any comments or questions, please leave them on this post and I’ll do my best to answer them all in a timely manner.


Can Ripple Hit $5? A Ripple XRP Market Cap & Price Evaluation

Ripple XRP has had an absolutely staggering week of gains starting the run at around $0.22 and tipping the scales at just under $0.90 cents.  Here’s a few things helping drive the price.

Ok so we know that the news can definitely affect the price of XRP, but how is a coin’s actual price determined?  What really facilitates the current value of Ripple and other coins?  It’s quite simple.

In the video below, we show you how the price of coins are determined, how to analyze coins using this info to help identify explosive growth opportunities and what a realistic value for Ripple can be!

Crypto Marketcap Growth Rate Is Simply INSANE. Look…

There have been a lot of images floating around the web showing the $1000 benchmarks of Bitcoin, they look very similar to this.

  • $0 – 1000:  1789 Days
  • $1000 – $2000: 1271 Days
  • $2000 – $3000: 23 Days
  • $3000 – $4000: 62 Days
  • $4000 – $5000: 61 Days
  • $5000 – $6000: 8 Days
  • $6000 – $7000: 13 Days
  • $7000 – $8000: 14 Days
  • $8000 – $9000: 9 Days
  • $9000 – $10,000: 2 Days
  • $10,000 – $11,000: 1 Day
  • $11,000 – $12,000: 6 Days
  • $12,000 – $13,000: 17 Hours
  • $13,000 – $14,000: 4 Hours
  • $14,000 – $15,000: 10 Hours
  • $15,000 – $16,000: 5 Hours
  • $16,000 – $17,000: 3 Hours
  • $17,000 – $18,000: 2 Hours
  • $18,000 – $19,000: 8 Days
  • $19,000 – $20,000: 16 Hours

But what about the overall growth the Crypto Marketcap?  Is that just as impressive?  You bet your ass it is!  Take a look at the $1 Billion dollar benchmarks and how long it’s taken to achieve each of them.

What’s truly astounding about this growth acceleration, there’s actually a chance that the Marketcap could hit $1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion Dollars) before 2018.  That’s highly unlikely however, but it is quite astonishing to see how fast this entire market place is growing!

Leave your comments and thoughts below!

The Big Bang Theory Has BITCOIN Episode Airing Nov 30th, 2017

The Big Bang Theory Has BITCOIN Episode Airing Nov 30th, 2017

Everyone probably already knows what the popular CBS Television show “The Big Bang” theory is!  But not everyone knows what Bitcoin is yet!  However, producers of the massively popular hit television show on CBS are aiming to help educate the world on Bitcoin!

A new episode entitled “The Bitcoin Entanglement” dedicated exclusively to the topic of the massively growing crypto currency Bitcoin is set to air on November 30th, 2017!

The world is waking up to Bitcoin and popular television shows such as The Big Bang theory could help educate the world that an alternative currency exists.

The price of bitcoin crossed the $1000 mark early in January of 2017 and has gained over 750% in value and peaked at $7583 USD!

Image Source: CoinMarketCap

We’re NOT In A Bubble, We’re In A Rocket Ship.

We’re NOT In A Bubble, We’re In A Rocket Ship.

The dot com “bubble” wasn’t a bubble. It was a paradigm shift. It was an acceleration of technology at a pace people couldn’t keep up with or understand.

When a bubble pops, it can never be re-created. It’s an unrecoverable event. But that’s not at all what happened.

Everyone knew the “internet” was coming and started throwing $$ at these tech companies without even knowing who or what they were investing in. They just saw it as the future and threw money at it. So speculative values of many tech companies soared.

However the same companies who’s stocks soared and later plunged into the depths didn’t die because it was a bubble.

Those companies simply didn’t know how to operate profitably in a new world of the internet. And people who invested in these companies lost a lot of money.

Even Amazon took a big hit in stock pricing, but still survived and eventually thrived. Why? Because Jeff Bezos understood the paradigm of what was happening and had the vision of how to operate his company in a new world. A company shouldn’t be judged by its value, but rather by its vision.

So the dot com era and internet and technology didn’t die…. it thrived.

People were right to bet on the fact that the internet was going to change the world. They just didn’t know the right place to put their money.

The biggest companies in the world today are ALL tech companies. They also all share the unique feature of being built from scratch to billions is less and less time as technology evolved.

So to me the whole “bubble” mentality is extremely mis-understood especially when it comes to the worlds new economic paradigm shift that’s happening right now with crypto currencies.

Prices are soaring at exponential rates that we’ve never experienced before so people are calling it a bubble once again. And while I do believe that many cryptos are overvalued and over speculated, that doesn’t mean at all that we are in a bubble. We are in an economic transition… a very big and important one.

This new technology isn’t going to slow down or stop progressing.

In fact it’s going to progress faster than it ever has, just like all the other biggest companies in the world which are likely a lot younger than you are. Am I right?

So what will happen, is an increasing amount of money is going to continue flow into this technology just like it always has and some people are going to get BURNED hard by blindly investing in things they don’t truly understand.

But as all this is happening… the industry of crypto will continue to grow and evolve just as the “internet” did, only this time it will be faster because technology is increasing at exponential rates.

In 5-10 years from today the biggest companies in the world will be crypto companies and “the right” cryptos with a team of visionaries behind them will be worth absolute fortunes

Were NOT in a bubble, we’re in a rocket ship.