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BTC Robotic Transcript


My name is Egor Kotov As well as I' m among the programmers of the Bitcoin Robotic! Now you understand that Bitcoin is …

a) A Crypto-Currency that is decentralized and irrepressible by government establishments.

b) Enhancing in appeal with more and more companies approving Bitcoins!

c) Tradable right into USD or EUR or any currency you like! (of course, even withdrawable using a debit card!).
and also the most crucial point.

d) That we have established a Bitcoin Robotic that earns bitcoins automatically every day, 7 days of the week, 24 Hr each day!

Today, I'm visiting show you a bit on just how the Bitcoin Robot runs, so remain tuned and also listen … this could be the single most important video clip you could enjoy this year!

The Bitcoin Robotic that we established is NOT a trading robotic in the good sense of the word … it does not trading currencies like forex or stocks … at the same time, this means that there are no fees to pay, no compensations of any kind of kind deducted from your revenues, no restrictions in account dimension, no leverages (filled with air money like in forex that is not truly there), and also best of all, no-one can manage or see your deals … it' s 100% confidential.

So just how does the Bitcoin Robotic make money?

Simple! While Bitcoin gains traction and an increasing number of fans discover bitcoin, this audience is INEXPERIENCED … no wonder; besides, bitcoins are an entirely new principle therefore, you can't actually expect that every person is an expert bitcoin trader from the start, right?

Nonetheless, the interest is high and also a lot of people intend to purchase Bitcoin as they think the price of bitcoins will certainly climb … while this may be real to a level, that's NOT exactly how the Bitcoin Robot we developed runs.

We do n`t presume the cost will certainly constantly go up … nevertheless, we have the clear presumption that people acquire bitcoins OVERPRICED.

The exact same thing happens when a new product launches … when a brand-new console or a preferred product is released that lots of people will certainly purchase even more of then offer on at 200% plus costs … and they do SELL IT! Just because the need is high and individuals (especially individuals with money!) have no determination to wait!

As with every commodity or stock, the Bitcoin cost is based after demand. There are a few large markets (completely independent from bitcoin as a money itself) that permit people to buy and sell their bitcoins … as well as here lies the possibility for profits … as brand-new financiers purchase bitcoins they hesitate to wait until the rate is low … they want to purchase bitcoins here, now! They do not care if the cost is higher throughout daytime compared to it goes to night time … they do not think of weekends with smaller activity and tuesdays with optimal rates …

That's where the Bitcoin Robotic enters into play … sitting there like a hawk 24 Hr every day, it monitors the big markets instantly. The Bitcoin Robot does not require to make a few huge orders … it could implement hundreds of small orders a day … something no human can or would certainly want to do … constantly in search of the cheapest rate to purchase as well as the greatest cost to offer!