Bitclub Network Review | Real Bitcoin Mining Projections From Inside

Bitclub Network Review | Real Bitcoin Mining Projections From Inside

UPDATE:  September 3, 2017 | Profits & Recommendation After 170 Days Of Real Mining

Hey all, so it’s been 170 days of real mining so I have far more accurate data on the profitability of Bitclub Network now than ever before.  I’ve uploaded every single days worth of mining profits to a spreadsheet, calculated daily, monthly and total sums and averages and they definitely paint a picture worth sharing!  The video is a bit longer, but the info is excellent!

Please leave your comments at the bottom of this page and I’ll answer any questions you might have there.


Hello, my name is Herc Magnus and I’m the owner of this site.  I joined Bitclub Network to mine Bitcoins because I strongly believe two things:

FIRST, that the value of Bitcoin is going to continue to rise as it is more globally understood, accepted and adopted.

SECOND, that I can afford to mine more bitcoins in the long term, than I can buy due to it’s value going up.  I believe that it’s cheaper and more valuable to mine BTC than it is to just buy it and hold it!

I signed up for Bitclub Network on Jan 27th, 2017 and I am now getting paid daily in Bitcoins, so I ran some numbers to support my theory above.

Watch the video below to see what I found…

If you’d like to join Bitclub Network,
please click the logo below.

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4.8 Rating From 13 Reviews.
on 22, Mar 2018
I think it's awesome
Great bitcoin site!
on 30, Jan 2018
Best site for bitcoin information
Samuel Johnston
from Tampa
on 05, Oct 2018
I'm interested in getting started, but also concerned of getting it wrong. What is the safest way to proceed..
from U.K
Managing Director
on 30, Jan 2018
A very important topic to get to know - right away!
David M. O'Neill
from Trumansburg, NY
on 30, Jan 2018
Great info, thanks
from Calif
on 31, Aug 2018
good review. However, what is not clear is what is true return on investment. So if you invest say about 4200 dollars (7 accounts) in bitclub vs. invest same money in bitcoin direct. Will you get more in direct investment or less and how will it compare with bitclub returns? Challenge I am facing is that out of 4200 invested, only 1750 makes to real hardware and then potential return is about 7000 in 3 years (assuming BTC prices increase). If we consider the increase in price, and calculate at same rate increase of direct investment (of 4200), returns will be significantly higher. Can you please comment/ guide?
good but does not show comparison
from Munich
on 25, Mar 2019
I think This BitClub is going to do great mining in the field of Bitcoin. Now they have less percentage of mining going on worldwide but I have heard the news that they shall increase the hashing power of mining and increase the market share in mining which is really good news for Bitclub lovers.
from India
Great site
on 30, Jan 2018
I love this service for bitcoin
from Los Angeles, CA
Interesting Information - Thanks for Sharing
on 07, Feb 2018
Interesting Information - Thanks for Sharing - I ran across your site looking for something else. I haven't really had the money to invest in mining networks like BCN so it's nice to know that as my finances start to improve that there are other options in this industry. You did a great job showing your accounting and proving your points with the numbers. Thank you
from Washington - USA
on 17, Oct 2017
Excellent job with the review videos! Thanks so much for taking the time.
from Denmark
best stuff
on 30, Jan 2018
amazing stuff
on 18, May 2017
Excellent video thanks for sharing on BCN Mining operation
Love the new changes...
on 19, Oct 2017
I love how BCN has allowed us to take 100% of the mining commissions now! Very happy about that move.
from Alberta


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